NZ Railway sleepers

New Zealand H5 treated pinus radiata sleepers.

Great for retaining walls, garden edging, and vertical installation.

Polythene recommended for vegetable gardens as they have been chemically treated.

  AU hardwood (2)  Sleepers Wellington  Railway Sleepers Wellington

Dimensions: 2100mm x 200mm x 150mm approx.

Durability: 18-25 years

Minimum order: 25 sleepers

Weight: 40-45kg.

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A Grade 2.1M Rustic Hardwood Sleepers (ex NZ rail network)

These are an excellent solid sleeper which are faded to a natural driftwood grey colour.

They are rustic and weathered, but still generally square on four sides.

Ideal for prominent features.

Dimensions: 2100mm x 200mm x 140mm approx.

Minimum order: 15 – 20 sleepers
(Per availability)

Weight: 70kg per sleeper

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